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>> "50 things liberals love to hate".
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this book is about liberals, not democrats. the sometimes not that different but that the peculiar branch of american who sell but the device in this life as a liberal whishing more of us were liberal. think michael moore, and the pelosi, your local college professor. cryer drove the trees descartes bush is hitler bumper sticker. [laughter] the checkout help with the master's degree of gender studies at the local whole food store. the dominate professions that we've been imprint like journalism, academia, a music industry and the fastest growing band of
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entertainers cirque du soleil. how did these such a big impact? i am in excellent position where watching liberals closely over 30 years like jane goodall steadies her champs. [laughter] in the national habitat without judgment. and in silence because we barely speak the same language. i have broke bread comedies, imitated, prodded them and even love to some of them. some are members of my own family. some even question my a lope -- mental-health. i saw the vagina monologues.
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i listen to npr whenever i got the chance. eight even learned about the tse tse fly by two new into all things considered. [laughter] and i can even watch my car been footprint. [applause] what did i learn? liberals not love many things they endlessly try to correct, affix and mend every aspect of the day the life. they think about america's faults, its bills and how to cure them. they love to hate to what most americans love and endlessly tried to take those away from us. because they love us. thus was born the book "50 things liberals love to hate." i hope you will enjoy it. mcdonald's.
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who stole my happy meal? if you could build a time machine maybe 50 years and said in the future man would walk on the moon, i carry videophones and poor americans would be fact. they would say really? pour people are supposed to be skinny. rich people look like old photographs during the depression. the poor people look like the barons of the 1890's cartoon sketches. [laughter] they think lay off the bread.
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wouldn't kill you to have the sow led? take the stairs. liberals say we should pass laws forbidding obesity and start federal guidelines and federally subsidized wheat lost programs. they blame mcdonald's because they sell delicious and fattening friday's and salads and even the beloved happy meal is under assault by politicians for quote some even call themselves scientists. science for the public interest threatened to sue mcdonald's of they did not stop selling happy meals. with the nanny state hyperbole they equated child abuse and child molestation. in handy how-to children
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they said in a prepared statement it is a predatory practice that warrants an injunction. the statement sounded creepy. the barrels a mcdonald's and its competitors because it symbolizes everything they love it -- low. to deliver high quality and convenience and speed to be franchised across the globe to provide millions of jobs. they hate that last part. it is not something that is useful but the fact of 25% of all working americans have worked at a mcdonald's or the competitors alarms liberals. that is a terrific way to learn tye management, customer-service
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but for liberals is a big red flag. in the documentary "super size me" more ginsberg lock 83 donald's so much he decided to eat only mcdonald's food three times a day for 30 days. what happened? he gained 24 pounds. surprise. that would of happened 58 at ihop three times per day. he only wanted to vilify mcdonald's. why didn't he choose to eat ice cream sundaes, or cheese, canned ham? that would not have made him with a mess or make him the michael moore of his generation. he should have followed michael moore around all
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day. [laughter] of that would have been fun to watch. the truth is super size me was a stunt and super sized his bank account. i am for that. many as other potential targets are scared. starbucks that sell sugar and high calorie coffee drinks are exempt from the fast-food hatred from liberals. you can get that on a double quarter pounder with cheese they want to pass laws. if it is on a lot say with a caramel shot their delighted to look the of their way. it shows on to progress.
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howard schultz the founder of starbucks took something what americans love and could serve it faster and better. job skills training? liberals hate that. food that is delicious and have fattening showing personal responsibility liberals eight negative all of that hate wrapped up in a cardboard box with the sesame seed bun common melted cheese, special sauce, pickle, and incoming catch-up and fries on the side. the revealing hungry right now. you might be a conservative. [laughter] [applause] flag pins. let me make a confession.
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in a liberal part of town yoga studios, electric cars cars, i always make sure i wear my american flag lapel pin. a silly game a play with myself. i am basing them but i cannot help myself. liberals eight these american flag lapel pins. i don't know why. more than the american flag. in the same neighborhoods use the it the flag flying high bb the pin is in-your-face, personal, and in a place not usually found. i will be at the counter and i will see their eyes flicker to the lapel and i will see the look. what is that? followed by alarm.
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what is wrong with him? he is an american free. ideas are right wing in net like a had a swastika. that is not why they hate it. when i wear my american flag lapel pin i am not talking about the next election, although you know, who i prefer. [laughter] it just means that i am grateful to live in a country that honors and protects freedom offering boundless opportunities than does its best to nurture the spirits. i love my country. maybe that is why liberals hated so much. it sounds like patriotic feeling. i love america.
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five of the idea. then the warbles follow all the injustices to plymouth quote rocket to the election of george w. bush. [laughter] do they do this with their wives? i love you but those extra of the few pounds were not there when we first met to. liberals have reservations about everything. with the american flag there is an automatic times. yes, but. we drive to much. we eat too much. we're to american. yes we are a beacon of liberty but we do not
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recycle enough and rear to religious to be sophisticated. during his run up to the election senator barack obama had this scene were all democrat candidates standing on the stage listening to the national anthem while facing the american flag, all but one had a hand over the heart. who? his initials of b.h.o.. and then saying i was concerned about what design york lapel been in your heart. tried that with your wife. i love you but i will not buy you the diamond earrings
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i am less concerned than what is in your heart. he was asked again about the lapel pin in cedar rapids iowa. "right after 9/11 i haven't been particularly because talking about the iraq war was a substitute for true patriotism speaking out to national security. ". it kept getting worse. the pin he used to like and don't everybody started to like it then he did not like it. he referred to the american replied lapel pin s "that been" listed alto the people what will make the country great and that is a testimony to my patriotism.
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you heard it right. he called it "that pin" lipo clinton referred to that woman. [laughter] not to fear preparatory. obamacare year-round. he is now wearing it near his heart today every day. the cheesy thing you have to do as president. when he returns to civilian life, hopefully sooner than later. [applause] i suspect he will like to ditch that annoying little 10. he could replace it with united nations flag pins. no bigger than a nickel drives liberals bonkers.
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here is a guy like me that seems nice i am not foaming at the mouth just my new mail business that i am grateful to live in the united states of america. gratitude of the sacrifices. gratitude to the opportunities it affords. gratitude where the military. gratitude to be a part of this experiment of representative democracy. liberals hate that. today is -- america is just okay. not okay as france. almost as we did. [laughter] i have to ignite charcoal i can hear them behind me trying to figure out.
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conservative women. mouth the ladies and if i ruling was the olympic sport they beget the gold medal every time. to see it allowed brett drop the following words i was thinking about something sarah palin said the ad bereday. [laughter] stand back. what the half of puff begin. it doesn't matter how you finish the sentence. sarah palin like stock ice-cream or she thinks panda bears are cuddle the. it is a deranged automatic rejection everything she says or thinks. says try it with an coulter. you have the same reaction. any well-known female nine
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apologetically female. you get the olympic global i ruling. liberals hate mouth the conservative women. the new generation of women that rejects the 1970's era feminist dogma. would is insulting some just refuse to show gratitude. liberals have tried to break down barriers of sexism. when sarah palin and kaman to the scene -- on the scene they had notorious to attacker for outfits, accent, education, children, and make up, for a group of folks who tried not -- to eliminate sexism they know how to use it. just like an colder.
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notice the improvement over the years look at the betty one reversed them is to emerge in the '60s. [laughter] fast forward consider conservative writer s.e. cupp. then the enormously a popular sitting governor the us and jenna barack obama from obscurity bothered nobody in the mainstream media per resume so thin even double spaced with extra-large fought barely takes up one whole page. [laughter] [applause] and a crackerjack research team hands-on the document
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of his resume in 2007 trying to move up in life. objective, leader of the free world. u.s. senator 2005 through 2007. talk the lot. voted wrong lot. illinois state senator. talked lot. voted present a lot. university chicago and other places constitutional law professor and civil-rights attorney. talked a lot, wrote to memoir about my identity crisis. 1985 through 1987 and was sketchy. but was a community organizer and described as organized people and trained people to organize.
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occidental college and harvard law. list of his grades as not available. basketball, a marxist literature, writing about myself, talking about myself, and making money, saving the world. mainstream media fellow of with a highly qualified applicant because they like the trifecta more than but first liberal black president more than vice president white female purpose their payment attended colleges, sportscaster, walt er has been to became mayor then ran against the murkowski family and became the first governor in history as a woman. but instead they attacked.
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katie couric tried her best tried to catch her in a club. she asked her what papers she read. she did not name any. few public people admit to what papers they read but it was sarah palin. katie couric through her under the bus. can you imagine if she had that same zeal with the president and asked him a few tough questions how many soldiers are in a battalion. [laughter] after steering she could have followed up your asking to make the commander-in-chief you have known many days no idea how many aranesp italian? i am sure john mccain knows that but sarah palin
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would the tissue and the national guard. you'd thought diane sawyer, barbara walters, and the shrews on video. [laughter] elizabeth hasselbeck does not count. but that approach drilling, bejeezus, a pro-military sarah palin was everywoman's nine ase -- worst nightmare. monica crowley and all the rest because they do not comport to womanhood. of only they would go away. luckily for us they are not going anywhere to five the
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south racist rebels and rednecks. jeremiah dixon charles phase-in divided the colony's into northern and southern region. the mason-dixon line marks where the north and south begin and end. dry yeast then goes out. at some point* they will call usurp or ma'am. they have a million ways to save think you. one is appreciate you. actually he said appreciate you, sir. their plight, but tradition tradition, liberals despise them. liberals hate the south of seven accent is look at me.
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i am racist. when they hear the southern dialect they here i am about to talk about jesus. [laughter] monday encounter yes, sir, or no ma'am the brain hears i am a slow footed hillbilly without a thought in my head. and no teeth. thing mississippi burning meets sling blade meets he ha. the mayor can sell is backwoods in breads come of that sheriffs, a transport -- trailer parks those shows up in make the thinly veiled air against liberals cannot imagine the south is anything that you'd best avoid. if the car breaks down or on
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a rafting trip with friends. [laughter] nothing good can happen in the south. ones that creepy kid with the banjo starts playing, it is over. it is easy to characterize the south because so few go with their less to take a stop at hilton head. if they did drive to the real south they would get to the very different and disturbing picture. that is what liberals need to do to understand the country they hate so much. for them to see is excellent restaurants, international banks research centers and top universities the even have a dentist down there and cable-tv.
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[laughter] if we could march this month liberal to mississippi rica stop for lunch at one of the many delicious places show them something never expected to see. black and white people eating together. he then at the same table that happens a lot u.s. year racially integrated crowd diverse to use the word that liberals love but in another part? it would disturb them to realize the south is more integrated than the coast cities. not meant this or mobile but los angeles, new york. and possible they will cry. for the past decade african americans have been moving south a reverse of the great migration when large parts
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of the population moves north but now blacks are coming back. impossible. don't they know it is full of red necks in reese's? the more important to the better place to raise kids. kids don't learn to say yes. . . -- yes ma'am or no sir. for this mason-dixon line still shows up on maps but it is better to be on the south side. it is the fastest growing region up 14%. people moving to texas 1,000 per day. b&w opens facilities in south carolina and atlantic and churches is the hub of international media and
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commerce. in his blighted neighborhood he hates the south like east berlin hated west berlin. they haven of entrepreneurialism have always outperformed the statist neighbors south korea over north korea. hong kong and taiwan. this is a universal truth the south of fills the same role today with the prosperity exposed the impoverished lies and deceit. that is why liberals hate the south. [applause] because they believe the environment of hillbillies have defeated them. they can barely stand it. and it lies with though 17
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virtue in the end even the liberal haccp have the place to live or work driving and nail in the dream because as he picked -- packs of this stuff soon you'll hear the words that will drive a dagger into his hopes. how the neighbor. [laughter] , everybody gets the trophy. [laughter] . .
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about high school graduations and the issue of valedictorians. the -- the torian initio? did they go on a crime sprain alcohol binge? and it turns out i used bunch of schools in america think that by having just one of the the the torian is mean spirited and not very inclusive so they are now instead having multiple valedictorians. now before i proceed with the story, i want to turn to the good folks at merriam-webster to get a definition of the term
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valedictorian. this having the highest rank the graduating class to deliver the valedictorian address at the convention exercises. when i went to school there was one of the victorian and that person had the highest grade them there was the salutatory with the second highest grades they made speeches on graduation day, really bad speeches. laughter cut in the was me. it was a miracle i got any grades at all given any speeches. flash forward to 2010, jericho high school in long island new york in that "new york times" story turns out on public torian wasn't do with this particular school so they went for, wait for it, seven instead, seventh bullet trains. what was the explanation? pushed by the parents or students? no, turns out it was one guy, the principal at jericho he didn't like having just one of the victorian. he said when did we start saying we should live in the honors serving one person it's the glory he asked "the new york
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times" reporter it got more interesting in terms of the public schools administrators were beginning to decide. here's how "the new york times" behind the trend principals say that recognizing multiple for the victorians reduces pressure among students is it equitable way to honor achievements particularly when number one and number five may be divided by the fraction of agreed from self more science. liberals do things like dispense with the leavitt traditions like the valedictorian and decide how to create ways to honor achievement. i wondered as i was reading that article why stop, what about the students that came really close? because a lot of emotional damage to come close and find out they didn't need the velo victorian cut and the kids that
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got close how about the linus did they deserve to be from the victorians, too? it turns out the high school in colorado agrees with this garbage. brace yourself, the head ten velo victorians last year and sanity as well. they honored friday from the victorians. 6.5% of their entire class in 2010 bought gold on records, 30 valedictorians. i thought was a principal joke. it's not just the public schools now. it's spreading into the publicly traded companies, too. take general motors, please. americans did take gm committed in the? we bailed out the car company and we still own a huge chunk. take the big banks. we beyond keeping of little league games liberals hate
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success and the first competition if they had their way we would all be playing a game of life, scandinavian style with the titles that assure little variation of income with little if any variation between success and failure. the second amendment, now, listen this is easy. liberals aren't crazy about what is in the constitution but it's safe to say what they hate the most is the second amendment so let's start with the very complicated find the text of the second amendment of the constitution. this could take a very long time. a well regulated militia necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. [applause] with a minute. that's it. 27 words, that is what they are
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exercised about, it can't be all that hard to understand but they managed to confuse liberals. with those words liberals see all kinds of possibilities and interpretations increased to regulate the bad handguns and rifles to force the states to register gun owners to prohibit sales and transfer in other words that 27 were sentenced, the key words of which are security, free state and right of the people and shall not be infringed. liberals see ways to undermine security comer gunster in the state and infringe the rights of the people. it's impressive you have to hand it to the liberals they can invert just about anything. let's make our way through the big one. the militia of this is about the militia peoria recall that the national guard. the national guard is a great thing. some liberals are supportive of this and they disparage would when talking about bush's service and a branch of the guard during the vietnam era but with the founders were talking
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about is the necessity of raising the militia when they distributed among the citizens for safer and more effective in the weapons captain the government control are very. they also like the idea of a bunch of states, liberals hate that, too that is another chapter of the book each with its own idiosyncratic touch is linked by the republican government. imagine the union of states for the citizens of individual states had a fair amount of say about what goes on inside their borders. it's possible it opens up the possibility of ever to defer certain states to vote to ban or regulate certain weapons as some have done that in general they seem to interest this kind of varied difference between the states. liberals hate that of course because it means that certain states like utah and texas might be conservative and have a right wing who always and it also means the crackpot lefty states like massachusetts and vermont to mandate for the eminem is for everyone if they want. but that's not enough for
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liberals. the only freedom they like is the freedom to make you do with the tell you to do. the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed it says. you are crazy. well, yes. i'm sorry but shall not be entrenched. to go over one more time shall not be infringed. they argue it is completely off topic any way because nobody's talking not regulating. people don't have those. those are with the liberals wanted to take away and here is why they want to take them away to protect us. it's nice of them isn't it? sure you were thinking you could
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protect yourself. according to the last count about 30,000 people died in newly in the accidents. remember that number, 30,000 annually in the incidents. about 45,000 died in car crashes about 37,000 died from poisoning to get about 20,000 a year died from unintentional false. the framers of the constitution didn't say they were not dangerous. they are especially to the invaders and jeeves, but they were necessary. it's necessary and reinforces the constitutional notion of the free and sovereign people citizens of the country that as the collection of republican states to put it much better it well regulated militia to be necessary for the security of a free state or the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. pretty much every single word in that sentence is what gives liberals the heebie-jeebies. on the either hand people dhaka
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of unintentional false turiano maybe they should abandon the letters. the fact is freedom is dangerous. in the book more guns less crime author john what proved in places there were more guns in the hands of local citizens there's less crime. having a gun and brandishing it actually prevents all kind of crime in america the crime that didn't happen because of gun was displayed. anyone who knows anything knows that criminals are cowards. they don't like a fair fight because they have an advantage and then picking up on the night clerks that work alone with an equalizer. a single mom with a gun is scarier than an nfl linebacker without one. [laughter] now, that's not just a legal theory. take the make my day. hers was one that most in america truly loved except liberals of course. one might come in january 2010 a couple of punks decided to celebrate the beginning of the new year by breaking into the
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trailer of a young single mother 18-year-old sarah mckinley. she recently lost her husband and was living alone in a trailer with her three month old son in blanchard oklahoma. that is exactly what the bad guys chose her because she was alone with her baby and vulnerable. it turns out she had company in the house the fugs didn't anticipate. their names were smith & wesson. [applause] she was packing she had a shotgun and pistol and wasn't afraid to use them to defend herself or her baby and she called 911. >> i have a handgun in my hand is it okay to shoot someone that comes through the door. >> to protect yourself i can't tell you to do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby. >> you do what you have to do. >> she killed one of those men and a mother ran away frightened coward. [applause]
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>> she lifted them from the conservative state like oklahoma. i'm not an anti-gun states like massachusetts. liberals don't care what the constitution says. they don't care about the facts and they certainly don't care about this era mckinley in the world a of the right to keep and bear arms and protect themselves pitted the rights of the criminal trying to rob her, well, that is another story. the suburbs and a little pink houses and little lives. ask a liberal why he is the suburb and he will spit out particular speed they've always hated the laws of course. j.c. penney, macy's. do people like to shop at those places but it is nothing compared to the content for strip malls. i know what you're thinking if you have a best buy in the periera bread, dead at beyond and target in one place, who needs anything else? [laughter] get all the necessities in one place and enjoy the fresh air as you walk from shop to shop.
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some even have a buffalo wild wings so you can have a drink while your wife spends an hour picking out in a shower curtain. what is not to love? wal-mart and have them -- watch then have an aneurysm. and you should hear some of the things they say about the rest of the strip malls. they hate to the big stores because they are to let corporate and put the mom-and-pop stores out of business for decades before amazon could. the amazon is okay with them because it's on the internet and they were not thrilled with anything on the web. they hate the way suburbanite's shop, too. mindlessly slurping up whatever corporation puts in front of them like drooling dogs unless of course that company would be helpful in which case they absolutely have to have whatever gadget just cannot because it is to we going to change the world to read in the ask them to go out for dinner. after they've reluctantly said yes, tell them to meet you at
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6:00 at the red lobster. they will turn green from nausea or worse. it's a scientific fact liberals obsess over their grub. the overlap between food network viewers and the obama voters is pretty much totaled. on the previous owners were more space in the 2008 election cycle. a true story to it i took a little friend of mine to dinner one night after he left his fabulous manhattan co-op to visit me in the suburbs of long island. i didn't want to freakin' out sallai took him to dinner at caruthers, the strip mall trader eight. he pored over the menu for a full 15 minutes analyzing every dish, every ingredient. when the waiter came over body was ready and starts growing hammes raised or fresh caught. the mashed potatoes come with what kind of cream used in the whipped potatoes cannot substitute for the penne this
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was a kid from a local high school he might have been 19-years-old he field of the quiz and my buddy one up boarding a plane he barely touched and i am convinced the reason the liberals get wrapped up around the axle over food is that they have too much time on their hands. the reason they have to much time on their hands is the same reason they live in the city and on the suburbs like the rest of us. they don't have kids often times. the suburbs were created and a symbol organizing principle made easy to make life easy for families and driver de dressel burba some time and count the minivans. liberals hate those, too by the we. why do people drive those soul fucking monstrosities? it's easy to hold the kids to the mall and soccer practice and the precious cargo you are hauling around the suburbs are designed to be as ruthlessly functional as the minivan. at the same reason we have chain
10:46 pm
restaurants because you can take three kids for dinner and not get ugly looks and number two, not go broke. why we have strip malls? we have a shot for provisions and extra flushing for the roof and a new backpack without losing an entire weekend we have a dance recital to get to but they have to mow the lawn there's laundry and church on sunday morning and if we work really hard as we are super efficient we might, just might get to watch out a football game later in the afternoon. that is what suburban life is. people move. we start working in the core. we start spending a night with friends and weekends exploring bistros and going to the wine tastings and choose to do something that is we believe much more important slightly less glamorous. the irony is we don't begrudge or liberal hipster friends and their lives.
10:47 pm
we kind of envy them that the admiration is and mutual. they hate us for our suburban life and the houses are cookie cutter and the food is offensive. when you tell your liberal friends you're moving out to the suburbs they treat your lifestyle with utter disdain. you get more understanding and respect to told them you were changing our name to chantilly and getting a sex change operation. [laughter] i like to think deep down the hostility that our cosmopolitan single friends have about our suburban lives is this. they know they're missing out on something deep, profound. i'm talking to the secret gratitude and pride one takes increasing another human being taken care of that person will then that person unconditionally the way that god loves all of us occasionally having to build personal of jail. [laughter] been there, done that.
10:48 pm
this novel is great but it's important and if it's real and proof roy childs rear and the suburbanites consider this, loving someone decide yourself for a change without losing yourself in someone else speak of problems like your kids and family come to know, but just doesn't get any better than that. [applause] >> liberals love to hate bidis or my little miracle fetus. blocker out in the left to neighborhood in austin or ann arbor kuhl of brooklyn the first thing they notice or the baby strollers. they love expensive stores to buy inexpensive. in the 2,000-dollar range. one company makes a line complete with mosquito nets. presumably for the leisurely strolls along the amazon that you are going to take. [applause] and the suspension system that one would expect from a range
10:49 pm
over perhaps the off-road ventures. the 2012 beebee deluxe stroller serious is modern stroller technology as you walk around the left wing monoculture enclaves you see the guys and scarves covering around the be the inside asking would you like the rest of the turkey route? [laughter] soon there will be off the progress of preschool. we don't teach them how to read we teach them how to knit. before you know what they will be playing soccer and for a thing about climate change global warming. who says liberals don't love kids? the adored kids and swallow them in the store was and feed them organic food and a general the carry them in baskets until they are ready to head off to college
10:50 pm
where they will learn all about the contemporary training poetry and how to get a schedule to sleep until noon each day and have monday and friday off. liberals love kids. it's the these they are not so crazy about. especially the inconveniently on boring kind. the unborn baby is currently the most troublesome despised character on the liberal horizon. this creature cannot win. if he scored he will condemn his mother to poverty and they are always worried about population growth it takes a lot of babies to pay for the entitlement and social state that they so a door. let alone to perpetuate the civilization. but if he or she is disposed of the meeting less than the taxpayer sponsored facility that is some kind of grim dhaka rally that poor girl was going to die. the idea that someone to adopt and care for the baby but there is another way, a more humane caring and compassion of life
10:51 pm
affirming way is just not a part of their decision for liberals. the only solution is to make abortion safe, legal and tax payer funded. you have a problem with that? you want to tell mom here is the heart of the problem beebes confuse the heck out of liberals. on the one hand they represent what every be leaving thinks about people in general but for helpless, not very smart. the need supervision to the need to be under the control of the hopefully benign leader. on the other hand thinking about these especially the inconveniently not yet born kind brings out a lot of complicated baggage for them as economist has shown the rise and abortion among the black community since roe v wade had a corresponding positive effect on the crime rates in the inner city. but he proved was a symbol of an ugly fact fewer black babies in the 1970's meant fewer young black men and the 80's and the 90's and fewer young men in general white or africa or a variety of african-american for by the means the crime rates go
10:52 pm
down. it seems to give st. statistical and abortion is a social good to many leftists indeed there is no limit to the good that can come if we kill off such problem groups like the young men before they are born. think of the benefits and fewer car accidents less lousy televisions and a whole lot less all of music. the price we pay for killing off these young boys is killing of a cute baby girls, to back those angels have problems of the room like teenage pregnancy. what better way to end the problem, abort the baby is so we can prevent future abortions. liberals don't like hearing that rather controversial thesis of the doctor finnegan there are lots of things that are true that liberals don't like hearing. the trick is to ignore what they say to concentrate on what they do. there is no more doting person then a part of liberal. in the same neighborhoods you will find the prenatal yoga class is called smelling new aging oil for rubbing in and
10:53 pm
exotic prenatal diet books for the baby to enjoy in utero and god forbid someone within 200 yards lights a cigarette [laughter] the swat team will arrive at three minutes or less. they don't like those talks because they are not noisy and messy they make a mess of them troubled little bit of course once the child is born the liberals will step in with all sorts of orders and commitments about school they can attend and bring snacks allowed in the vending machines what sexual information will be given out and went right until the moment they had appeared its hands off that the ev as a yet unborn fetus is the property of a toast it's a depressing view of what life really is and means and
10:54 pm
from whom it comes. it's unexplainable and uncontrollable. liberals hate those things which is why they hate babies. it's a grim world for the lefty and it's getting a grim that's why they love to use the word sustainable for everything. sustainable energy, sustainable food, sustainable communities. for better things don't get a bigger and better they get sustained. life, liberty and the pursuit of sustainability. doesn't have much of a ring to it, does it? that's why the little communities are so loved. maybe that's why the birth rates among the christians in the united states are so high. they can get a better. it the other side is at stake to see the same. that's why liberals really hate the babies because it's for better days ahead.
10:55 pm
[applause] wal-mart. but rall with the everyday low prices. sam walton a shopowner in arkansas had a big idea to read if he could somehow keep his cost dependable love he could undersell his competition. with that competitive advantage he could expand and he could get more deeper discount of the american success story and as wal-mart barely 50 years after for a successful company operates all over the globe and employs over 2 million people to the reliable way they apply efficiencies and purchasing and shipping squeezing out of the supply chain from the lower prices for you and me and we've lowered prices for 1 million
10:56 pm
americans a week. that's about a third of the country. the study in 2005 revealed that balart saved the average american family nearly $2,500 a year and that barely covers the annual sushi budget for your average liberal. but it's a really nice vacation for your average american family. how do they manage to keep the cost down and the customers coming. former wal-mart ceo appeared on charlie rose a few years back and charlie asked him what it was like to work for sam. scott had a terrific story about walton. >> when i didn't perform, sam would have a direct conversation with you. >> before you go round the room. these are all the officers in the company and he would maybe if a b&l in a statement and they
10:57 pm
would sue space mcgeorge driver de a4a costs were up 30% this month. what's going on? and you better know. the interesting thing was the cost for the drivers uniforms was like $1,500. >> but that amount of money meant something to them. >> that meant a lot. estimate tell the story to the of the child will come to the average person about the dedication of the movement to pass along savings to lose customers, and it changes nothing. dhaka will march to the field distribution and will vary system and you get a big fat mullen because they hit wal-mart let's face facts. wal-mart is a giant that delivers prices so low for the local retailers to compete. a lot of them do have to close. the same can be said for what walgreen's and cvs did in the local pharmacies and hardware stores and a lumberyards that they pass because there is a
10:58 pm
wal-mart to focus on driving costs down which means it's tough on the of early wages and tight with benefits and much of the industry the fact is that wal-mart pays only slightly less per hour than the average american retailer. 1175 on average. many workers are part time and at that time jobs are in short supply, any job is better than no job. any job can lead to a better job even in management, liberals should thank wal-mart. the company employs a staggering 1.4 million americans. it's a remarkable 1.1% of the u.s. total work force. 140 million. but liberals and their allies the steady drumbeat of criticism in its labor practices to the cost cutting and supply chain management wal-mart has raised the standard of living for every american with a question and employed all kinds of us. liberals hate all fees. they don't value efficiency and progress and certainly don't appreciate print low-cost consumer goods in the heartland, they don't care if it's
10:59 pm
discounted flat screen television that you want, liberals don't in the first place they don't hate, with the heat about wal-mart is what it represents. the full energy of the free-market capitalist enterprise. [applause] they deliver the engine of growth, low cost lots of choice, tight management, think about those words for just a moment to low-cost twist of a service, management, the only enterprise larger than wal-mart is the federal government. does it operate any of those things? does any big government program beloved by liberals of refraction of the efficiency and service any wal-mart offers every day? esters off who is delivering your health care? the federal government or wal-mart clacks who would you have running the federal school system? the local teachers' union or wal-mart? who would you rather have delivering the mail for heaven's sakes? liberals don't keep wal-mart for its anti-union stance of its low prices.
11:00 pm
they hate wal-mart because wal-mart works and what was some doesn't -- liberalism doesn't. [applause] ..
11:01 pm
>> the four weeks on end there was anderson cooper of their gulf coast routine for the oil to wash up on the shores and ruin the place. he was literally routine for
11:02 pm
the oil so looking for the peabody award he was rooting against the home team. hoping against hope the be peace bill would be the worst ecological disaster waiting for those to spread and multiplied when that did not pan out when the carnage did not come he must have been depressed. two years later days later this gulf coast is vibrant. the water is clear. especially on the barrier islands. the fish and the shellfish are back. what happened to? where was the apocalypse?
11:03 pm
crude oil leaks and to the gulf waters all the time. the result of having so much it seeps out. it wants out naturally which is why companies are there in the first place. it has a natural mechanism to absorber and disperse huge quantities of lg, saltwater and oil clouds. handiwork by a power much higher than the epa. [applause] to years later the worst environmental does it -- to years -- disaster later and less you count the billions of dollars put into the area by bp and kids with paper
11:04 pm
towels and sponges? >> no. saltwater and algae. why there dramatics and the tears and wales? with some of melodrama as the oil spilled one of the scenes of the era of streets of the woman of the. making the noise law law law. [laughter] every time somebody spoke something. why do they do it? it is all about the power. you first need a fact crisis. "this is it." the gulf of mexico will be a dead zone. '08 three years left the
11:05 pm
world we'll turn into the iceberg course on a. but with liberals there's only one solution to solve the energy crisis coming give them more power which is why they hate god's lg. it doesn't want power. it just once to eat the oil. [laughter] military are monsters in uniform. you order door subjects they're not always happy but they don't know what is good for them. sometimes you have to eradicate the village which is the price of order whether communism fascism or that special latin american
11:06 pm
dictatorship you could call your own, the power of the state then one day your world is turned upside-down they are the reading your people they are your people joining the americans to hunt you down to bring you to justice you are drug out of your spider hold your destiny is sealed by the young men and women wearing the uniform of the united states of america. [applause] of the liberal vision the suppression of individual liberty c.s. lewis once said the most aggressive of tierney is one that is exercised for the good of
11:07 pm
its victims of is the contention they should be judged not by the outcome is the court ethic business the key to the reasons the liberals hate to the military like smashing the liberal project on every continent. they have the central state control that they aspire to. crushing the axis of world war ii with central list in higher governance and under the despise ronald reagan liberals were deprived of the totalitarian control the liberal trained at berkeley brown haa meltdown at the
11:08 pm
thought of a competent aggressive america respecting the idea is for the whole world view were liberal house of false the quality the soldier demonstrates the superiority of hours with the validity of all mores to forcibly eliminate tierney and for the liberals subscribe to of greed of the inability to change the world mirror 10 soldier makes the world better every single day. it is the credo the american soldier lives by. give peace a chance is the song by a guy who imagined no have been at or countries american soldier could not imagine living in that
11:09 pm
world. liberals did not like soldiers have a voice say this? listen to the way they talk they would say we're for the soldier but again submission that is like being for football players against the coaches are being for freedom but against democracy or for the people that work at corporations that is what they think. telling a soldier you are for him against the mission does not make him feel better. he is risking his life. they it believed guns and got an nascar and they decided to fight for their country or maybe die for her. looking at victims of economic circumstances and
11:10 pm
those who have no other options food join the military they will not say this to a soldier's face. they know those look could be wiped off with one smack. when john kerry return from his four month summer vacation in vietnam he flew straight to washington d.c. through the metals and he did not turn into the potomac and testified the guys were monsters and animals that he fought with. this ambitious man was part of the political union part of a committee that he would chair to tell his story about his service in vietnam. not even his stories but
11:11 pm
from the winter soldiers project why fact check? there were largely proven to be a fabrication it did not prompt even an apology. >> they told the story of times of raping, cutting off the years, heads, tape wires to human general's, cut-off the lives at an randomly shot at civilians and raised villages in the fashion of bank is con. >> unbelievable. in his masterpiece theatre accent. [laughter] this sounds like an average week for sadam hussain. he was describing the american in soldier to dour
11:12 pm
the soldiers here is how he described his fellow soldiers " the country does not know it yet but it has created a monster of millions of men taught to kill with violence and die for the biggest nothing in history. the liberals aid to that up to talk about the so-called monsters they went for the jugular. >> it lies in large part with this country that allows the young child before he reaches the age of 14 to seek 12,000 violent deaths on television that glorifies the john wayne
11:13 pm
syndrome putting out the fighting man comic books. >> i did not know that was a disease. they just could not help themselves. the john wayne movies and then won last resents liberals despise the military, george s. patton. [applause] i love running through his famous quotations and a good plan by the may executed now versus one next week liberals hate that but if everybody thinks alike and nobody day somebody is not thinking.
11:14 pm
[laughter] liberals hate that because they seek conformity. battle is the most magnificent competition it removes all that is based the coward lets his the year overcome the sense of duty this is the essence of manhood. winners, losers common manhood, that is why liberals hate u.s. military they're willing to pay the ultimate price. [applause] and grants given year pour undocumented workers. they say they'll other immigrants but then you turn your back they put legal and illegal immigrants against
11:15 pm
each other they pretend there is not a difference between the to prepare for what should debate at some point* where bid is arguing for open borders and amnesty will stop using the word to legal and ford of the word immigration and just talk about immigration as if it is the same age of six of few minutes to notice the word yield the goal has been dropped. just like bugs bunny him a daffy duck tried to convince it is time to hunt the other guy. is doxies in. it is rather a season. it is the season. it is rather a season. then bugs bunny says it is stuck season. then he will say this tax season. have it your way. then he blows the beat write off. [laughter]
11:16 pm
of that is the game they love to play a big drop the legal battle see the difference to liberals there is no difference to someone who came legally or somebody who snuck and there is no difference between robbing the bank and using the atm. you're just taking money out of the bank. [laughter] the group and knows the difference those who waited in line now are lumped together by liberals by those who did not. those still waiting in line that the illegals keep taking. liberals hate immigrants almost as much as eight rules. legal immigrants are america's greatest of renewable resource.
11:17 pm
know they took a tiny voyage across the notion because the government gives you stuff that immigrants to came here they did not come to change america the idea that has hard work encouraging on to printers placing got higher than anything else that is why they come. to raise american children. nobody is more patriotic which is why it is so important. [applause] liberals do not see it that way looking for the next group of victims they are the perfect category they
11:18 pm
want to make spanish the semi-official language and government offices to offer bilingual services that allow it illegal immigrants to change americans the one to spend to change america it is a transaction they make it legal legal then they can enact their policies. give us your vote to we will change america. somewhere between 12 and 50 million americans is why liberals will do almost anything to win them over data-processing itself and they are compelled to the process to become americans. make them memorize facts about american history and give them a test of our kids to not even know it. then we make them take the oath.
11:19 pm
i hereby declare that it absolutely and entirely renounce and renounce any foreign prince pope sovereignty of which i have your 24 been subject or citizen. will support and defend the constitution and laws of united states of america and of all for it -- and assorted domestic bearing trip and allegiance to the same and bear arms on behalf of the united states required by the law and perform noncombatant service to the armed forces of the u.s. required by law and work of national importance of civilian direction and required by the law. take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of the patient, so help me god. no wonder liberals a legal immigration. everyday i tried to play a sound bite on my radio show from speech he gave it the american promise to two after receiving the american
11:20 pm
achievement award with such classic movies "mr. smith goes to washington" and it's a wonderful life. in a 1982 speech capra talked about america and the journey that brought him here. >> 59 years ago celebrated my sixth birthday in the black charcoal of a creaking ship with retching immigrants. 13-- of misery. then the ship stopped. my father kerry back-to-back and said look at that. of first adjusts saw of the deck will of people on their knees crying and rejoicing. my father said that is the greatest light since the star of bethlehem.
11:21 pm
and there was the statue of a great lady. holding a lamp over the land my father said it is the way to freedom she go remember that. free down. finally, there is something i must say to members of my family and i believe they will hear me. mother, pop-up, big brother ben, josephine, tony, rememb er the day we arrived at the southern pacific station in los angeles? and pop but and monmouth kissed the ground? look. american film institute has
11:22 pm
given me the life achievement award. and for that to i am thinking them and all my friends who have come here. but for america just for living here i kiss the ground thank you very much caught clap. [applause] face it. of urie liberal you did not get ed chill like we did over his immortal words. are not being clear in any danger many liberal offering to kiss the ground of the united states of america any time soon. e. pluribus and a. the great seal has everything the liberals despise you have the it edo
11:23 pm
holding barrels what good could they serve besides serving the blood lust? in the right talent he clutches the olive branch of peace making the point* teddy roosevelt said "speak softly and carry a big stick." lobos would pervert if it was holding all of branches in both talents or maybe one and a soft cushion in the other that would entice the enemies to lie down and snooze or maybe a lavender massage toyo. [laughter] amore day sponge the use in the spot. anything in the bridgestone catalog. we don't need arrows just a
11:24 pm
couple of nerve to raise and hopeful expression the ego looks to angry and hurtful and judgmental if given the choice they would replace it with something like barney the purple dinosaur i love you it would project holding eight juice boxes and good gender nonspecific plush toy what about the of macho latin four out of many, it e pluribus unum around a the purple dinosaurs head. it is what the founders imagined this celebrated differences it is one of the most obnoxious amado's
11:25 pm
thicket of come up with. they like to know what divides and separates but they do not appreciate the last unum part. the four founders the puritans from the north, with the quakers from pennsylvania who hated the virginia cavaliers who looked at the georgians did care libyans with contempt of -- content. they knew if america could succeed it would have to get unum out of all of the pluribus. [laughter] liberals heaped this and any type of common ground. they knew it is about drawing distinctions to make a list of ann and out groups.
11:26 pm
in 1994 all gourde gave a speech in milwaukee about world affairs during some down time between the time he invented the internet and discovered global warming. it turned to e pluribus unum. we could have a six base large enough for all supported entities to be the purpose in them out of what many. ice wed -- swear. his exact words. he was quickly mopped. it was a freudian slip. out of what many. that is what they really wanted to mean with a wonderful place their retired to stud in the constitution when they pray
11:27 pm
and others are left were not one may say what he pleases and do no harm to another. property conceived as the same attribute it is approved of my labor my good deprives you of nine of yours and it leaves me secure and mine. the harmony where justice is the reason why has lasted so long. liberals like to talk the harmony talk but the founders walk the walk and we are the beneficiaries. we fix the seal it is now a purple dinosaur but the model is tricky.
11:28 pm
the pluribus angry? oprah's? omnipotent? government, not god? something like that. that brings us to all "50 things liberals love to hate" it is a blast for me to read them all. we will go quick. mcdonald's. flag pins john wayne steakhouse george bailey wal-mart football conservative women black republicans bibles. the "south park" of the west for the boys scouts program scouts, honesty success pools patios the suburbs freeways baby seniors taking risks small-business toyota immigrants workers teachers doctor's patients the eight engines the bright lights talk radio american military the founding fathers the state's e pluribus unum apple pie and america. got bless america of the united states.
11:29 pm
[applause] i hope you get the book. [applause] mike has agreed to take a couple of questions. >> we did not bring the issues are the chick-fil-a i could not hear your answer why don't we have been a conservative moderator's on a up coming debates? >> is a perfect metaphor if you expect it will be an easy ride it will not.
11:30 pm
the bars some attire for governor romney been president it is tough but it is true. >> what is this thing between you and you it? >> was a huge cleveland brown and you should not say his name because he moved the franchise to baltimore and takes it personally. [laughter] is a good friend of mine he was a driving force behind the knicks and library and a great man. >> first edition. [laughter] of this does well we will do a second edition.
11:31 pm
[laughter] >> what is the secret to winning in november? >> i cannot tell you how many people like me to immigrants who say i have never voted but this is the 1/2 to vote. [applause] that has to be translated into the rowboats. i say this all the time to not underestimate the power of prayer. >> guide dedicated "50 things liberals love to hate" to denny's the lost to cancer. whose love and laugh made in the world better place. last year she was sick the review audience knew that and prayed regularly.
11:32 pm
she said maybe we will inspire other people. in that year she was never in pain, never sick and never free and. she was not a super woman but i will believe she was strong because of the power of prayer with deigned our four boys now leno she looks out over me hoping the book is the best seller. take it from me. prayer works when need to pray for our country and our leaders. [applause] >> one more question. >> we will sign books. >> each of you has a membership application please help the foundation of. if you do sign up a
11:33 pm
one-of-a-kind individual numbered commander in chief cap. here is the last question. >> right now be hour and the richard nixon library one of the most hated people in american history if you are a liberal. his accomplishments are almost liberal with the great society, out of vietnam, and nuclear arms agreement and senator hugh scott now why doesn't he ray tire? >> i will be touring around the country tomorrow and will be a guest on sean hannity on wednesday was in
11:34 pm
texas and in ohio. this visit tonight and blessed by this room of patriots the nixon library parents will go down as the same goal best appearance of my book tour. i am very proud to be here. [applause] it is an honor to be in this beautiful place and a wonderful tribute to president nixon. the staffas been extraordinary. time-honored to spend time with you tonight. god bless you. god bless america. >> please note is not the authors it is the great gaps that we give them. [laughter] be sure to grab one.
11:35 pm
>> our conversations here columbia diversity continue on c-span2 joint by helen benedict author of the loathsome soldier. professor use start out with a quote war happens to people one by one. >> i was struck by the quote i was following the war home to the heart of every individual, a phrase that i am quoting but it does affect every individual civilians or soldiers. it is a monster that reaches deep inside and turns every
11:36 pm
life upside-down. >> how many women served in iraq war? >> over 200,000 americans iraq and afghanistan. >> is that unusual? >> yes. the iraq were set a precedent is directly more women served wounded and killed 2,005 from all american wars put together including afghanistan. one out of every 10 troops there is a woman. >> do they serve in different capacities? >> yes. this basically head guerrilla war there is no frontline in the old fashioned cents to drop a
11:37 pm
line where the soldiers beat up and fight. that does not have been any more. even with a truck full of toy the paper you can be attacked so with no front line with the combat support or engineer or cook you can be drawn into battle and doing the same jobs. >> women are not supposed to serve in combat? >> the great irony with the pentagon point* to view from ground combat they have been over 10 years. >> host: was there a
11:38 pm
typical experience for women with american soldiers? >> depending on the year they were serving and where they're reserving and who they were serving with. but one out of 10 troops there was a small amount of what men the isolation of surveying like that could be from constant harassment to sexual assault and rape and sexual assault and rape and i did hear more of those than i expected.
11:39 pm
>> harassment and sexual assault but who is on your cover? >> day career sergeant and in the military 23 years was a drill sergeant as well. serving in honduras so she was sent to iraq partly because because of the discrimination that they ended up turning against. that is not typical but while some heard was a great
11:40 pm
deal of criticism based on what they were seeing on the ground forces the arm chairs at home. >> host: professor how do find the women that you focused on? >> i found through veterans groups that would lead me to others. it was a network in the networking process so lot of the women came to me. risking their life and limb to not be recognized israel soldiers. others wanted to whistle-blower of those i
11:41 pm
pick five in the hopes of finding the representation of range and so she wrote -- socio-economic range experience to get a range. >> host: those outliers would be those who continue to support the war and not harassed? >> surveys show 99 percent are harassed while serving when it comes to sexual assault and rape it is between one and 51/three. figures from surveys conducted by a the department of veterans affairs and the military itself.
11:42 pm
i do give the statistics in the book but the numbers are so her effect i felt it was important to focus on them because other books were not as a professor of journalism is this a typical type of book? >> we are a working journalist we have the academics and has always been the profile of the school. >> change change the experience of iraq and afghanistan?
11:43 pm
with those issues of harassment i testified twice to congress. they have introduced sexual assault counselors for women and men have been reforms the rate of sexual assaults is not dropping it is scandalous leave low congress has been pressing the military for many years early in the productive way it is a lot of denial. >> host: should women be allowed to serve in combat? >> yes. your human beings and right to have whatever jobs we
11:44 pm
want not all of us want that job but not all men want to be and compact either it is very materialistic -- paternalist ic to deny the women the job because of their gender. in "new york times" wrote this morning on behalf of two women claiming it is unconstitutional to deny from combat it is denying a co-production under the lot. >> host: you also wrote the novel? >> coming from the same research really writing about the iraq war fiction and nonfiction combined at the very beginning of the war she is the biggest prisoner of war camp going
11:45 pm
back and forth between her experience as a woman soldier and the iraqi civilian woman and begin to interact based a lot of my soldiers experienced. you get the iraqi and the american and point* debut but told through the eyes of women. >> when you look back at the media coverage with the afghanistan war has it been fair? >> it depends which in nation's media. >> we did a very bad job we were to blinded by to reactions we did not question those going
11:46 pm
into iraq we did not dig deep enough but to find out what was really going on in iraq i had to ask the british and french journalist. those covering iraq the spoke arabic it was a few but not enough also some censorship. not getting the true numbers on either side. but i am generalizing.
11:47 pm
some have done an incredible job to cover the war and to a knowledge a splendid reporter may he rest in peace. >> have you written about war previously? our just this one? temecula toll of world war ii in a novel setting but never about to call back anwr on the ground it is a new subject for me and had many, many interviews with isn't like to be a woman soldier in combat to? then i found out lot more. >> host: helen benedict is
11:48 pm
author of the lonely soldier. also the author of the novel based on the same research here at columbia university >> host: how many brain cells do we have been stuart fires nine? >> we used to think 100 billion hanging around for ages but then a couple years ago from brazil sent in the mail around where we got the number from and every wrote back 100 billion
11:49 pm
and i have no idea. she developed day new the fed should develop the new math said and found there were zero o only 80 billion. the larger difference is we thought we had 10 times says many alleles sells then nine regular brain cells thought we had 1 billion but is only about 80 billion as well. in one fell swoop we lost 120 billion sells. [laughter] >> host: what the don't way no?
11:50 pm
>> ignorance is a much bigger question. what don't we know that we don't know? the famous donald rumsfeld. he is correct to say that although he sounds befuddled there are limits to our expense more than our knowledge. >> host: use say when you get together with other scientists you talk about things you don't know? >> yes. marie curie getting her second graduate degree wrote a letter to her brother to the effect when never notice about what has been done but what remains to be done. that drive scientist along
11:51 pm
and gets us into the lab. and what don't we know? >> host: pager byrd 28 george bernard shaw added dinner from alberta einstein said scions is always wrong and never solves the problem. >> >> added exactly the right description of. i should say i believe the group to that from a manual who years before that to from propagation every answer begets more questions. >> do scientist rests on their loyalty -- laurels?
11:52 pm
>> ag guess that is dangerous because they are not to be that foundational. what the public recognizes least we ann haq of less regard for fact although we work to get data but the most reliable part that whatever they find today will be superseded either revise our overturned completely but to revised by the next generation of scientists it is always been in the past 400 years science is a revision. >> you write science and
11:53 pm
nature magazines are very important menu was added recommend not the last issue but 10 years ago? >> they should be current but did so come rushing in with this week's nature suggesting i concede the next experiment we will get our nature paper. i know they have laurie roach next 10 experiments. that high-quality papers of the day could not ask certain questions so they are right to be revisited. >> does technology help to
11:54 pm
discover science? >> it is part of the whole rearrangement 10 technology drive science. instrumentation is always the critical part of galileo and the telescope what it is another fact that has changed? >> my favorite one researches taste and smell with the chemical cents one of the best known fact is the taste map whining in every medical school textbook the map the sensitivity of your town
11:55 pm
that you have sweet and sour on the side it is complete leave not true. it is amiss translation of an anecdotal report from a german physiology professor picked up but i will those psychology professor of psychology book named -- written by professor boring you can imagine the jokes. it was a missed translation and stood the test of time even though it is totally wrong. >> host: so many things do but maybe not in the original four. new tin continues to work. we can launch space shuttles
11:56 pm
using new to as laws of gravity, of course. but those from einstein have been changed. with those proposals they are still true within the regime but has changed is the have expanded so mountains foreign relations work as long as you don't do it within the speed of light. then you have to invoke the einstein relativity. sending signals to satellites and back need to be adjusted from einstein relativity or it would be 15 meters off. >> of brands and has stood
11:57 pm
up although he was not so sure. he claimed a couple mistakes but it has come back unfortunately he does not know that. but he has stood said test of time. >> host: what is your class called the? >> ignorance is well. teaching in columbia university that lets you teach a class of ignorance they put it on their transcript. it started six years ago and based on the feeling i was doing students a disservice giving and 25 lectures per year in neuroscience using day textbook i am fond of by
11:58 pm
eric can tell but to it weighs 7.5 pounds. so the students have gotten the idea that everything was known about neuroscience and the way we keep track is to build up fax. that is not true. we don't know much about the brain. we don't know what we don't know still. 55 should teach the students the ignorance. i devoted a couple of lectures then thought why not try zero kors? that is what we do we meet once per week for two hours and i invite members of columbia faculty are others
11:59 pm
columbia faculty are others to talk to the students for two hours about what they domino specifically. not how did the universe began nor nature of consciousness they do marvelous giant -- channel how individual science grapples why choose this rather than that things of that nature. >> and the book i include more case histories one is a scientist to studies communication and cognitive process in animals. is anything harder knowing the color red is the same to you or me? yes.

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